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Biodynamic Craniosacral

With the biodynamic approach we feel for the source of health within the client and help them open to and express their own inherent health and wellness. With our presence and touch we allow the intelligence of their being to tune in to how the system needs to unwind to sustain a dynamic flowing state. 

In my experience, practicing  biodynamic bodywork is like swimming in the ocean. I open my awareness as big as I can, relax my body completely and listen to the subtle and gross movements of the water. I am completely relaxed and yet am very ready to act, move, respond, dive, swim if necessary. This is how I tune into my client’s body. I turn my awareness to myself first and relax my mind and body completely so that I am not getting in the way. Then I listen with all my awareness and with my heart to the patterns and flow or lack of flow in the system and start the work where the body says.  My sessions follow a different path each time depending on what is found in this listening phase. I work from subtle to deeper fascial work and bone unwinding, it all depends on what the body is calling for in that moment.

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