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Eleanor Gordon LMT #18671

As a massage therapist I am extremely passionate about working holistically, combining the appropriate techniques to bring the body into a balanced relaxed state while also accomplishing lasting structural change. Yet, I am not so much “doing” anything as I am allowing your system to open to the healing that is ready to arise and just needs the safe space and opening touch to do so. 

I completed my Massage training at the Pacific Center of Awareness and Bodywork under Lee Joseph in 2011. There I fell in love with the work of Ida Rolf and completed training in the Structural Integration 10 Series that is the basis for the Bodywork called Rolfing.

Structural Integration allows the body to realign and balance by contacting the myofascial structure and freeing chronic holding and adhesions in the body’s connective tissue. I have found this work to be incredibly effective for transforming chronic pain, injury and both physical and emotional stress and trauma. It is also a wonderful tool for increasing range of motion, grace and flexibility. It is work that by its very nature meets the client where they are and lets them open at their own pace, the work can be deep or light depending on what is needed and what the client is ready for. I often integrate Craniosacral Therapy, Biodynamic Massage, Visceral work and Swedish relaxation massage in my sessions.

I love to encourage the dynamic potential for healing and change that is always

bubbling to the surface in each one of us, no matter if we are aware of it or not. My goal is to give each client the tools to become embodied and self-aware as they move through the waves of life. Choosing to receive bodywork is a great gift to yourself and the world. It is recognizing that you are worth taking care of in a deep and meaningful way. I look forward to meeting you!

We accept the following insurance: Regence, Providence, Moda, Cigna, United, and Pacific Source, as well as automobile accidents, MVA.  Please call us if you have any questions as to whether or not you have coverage for our services.  

Cash rate is $140 for 75 minutes.  

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