Awakening the body, heart, and mind through Rolfing Structural Integration, Yoga, Meditation, and Inquiry with Adam Persinger

Foundations Embodiment Yoga Portland

New Foundations of Embodiment course taught at Sun Gate Studios


Mondays at noon at Sun Gate Center,  2215 NE Alberta st.
This class combines elements of alignment based hatha yoga, gymnastic strength training, meditation, subtle body awareness, yin yoga and embodied mindfulness to drop you deep into the resources of your body.
With a background in structural integration, Adam offers nuanced alignment cues to help you develop ease and grace in your practice. We’ll focus on developing basic strength and mobility through foundational gymnastic exercises, adaptive to all fitness levels. We’ll explore joint mobility and durability of the pelvis, spine and shoulder girdle through yin yoga. We will activate flexibility and core strength through alignment based hatha yoga.
Throughout the class Adam provides a stream of guidance in subtle body awareness energy and embodied mindfulness. Our practice will generally begin or end with guided meditation or pranayama.
To read more about this class see the Holographic Embodiment Training page. This is the group version of the one on one tailored embodiment sessions.

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