Awakening the body, heart, and mind through Rolfing Structural Integration, Yoga, Meditation, and Inquiry with Adam Persinger

Phra Ajan Jerapunyo Abbot Of Watkungtaphao.

Three dimensional breathing

To begin, sit or lie down somewhere comfortable, making sure you are warm. Make a soft aspirant sound, breathing through your nose, as if whispering but with the mouth shut. The sound of your breathing will help you stay focused on it, and keep the mind returning to the actual sensation of the breath.  Relax the roof of your mouth and the root of your tongue. Let the corners of your mouth and eyes lift slightly in a smile.
  1. Breathe into the left lung, and left half of the body.  Repeat 3x.
  2.  Breathe into the right lung, and right half of the body.  Repeat 3x.
  3.  Breathe into the front half of the lungs and body, lighting up sensation with awareness.  Repeat 3x.
  4.  Breathe into the back half of the lungs and body.  Repeat 3x.
  5.  Breathe into top half of lungs, lifting collarbone.  Repeat 3x.
  6.  Breathe into bottom half, and feel w/ inner senses a wave of relaxation and softening that goes all the way to the pelvic floor. Repeat 3x.
  7.  Start combining four of these at once, Front Back and Sides for example.
  8.   Once this has been practiced a little while, breathe into all 6 directions at once.

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