Bruce Lee Embodiment

Embodied Mindfulness

  Embodied Mindfulness:  The need for an embodiment practice; a look at proprioception, gravity, and the horizon “Recent studies of mindfulness practices reveal that they can result in profound improvements in a range of physiological, mental, and interpersonal domains of our lives. Cardiac, endocrine, and immune functions are improved with mindfulness practices. Empathy, compassion, and interpersonal sensitivity seem to be …

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Foundations Embodiment Yoga Portland

New Foundations of Embodiment course taught at Sun Gate Studios

  Mondays at noon at Sun Gate Center,  2215 NE Alberta st. This class combines elements of alignment based hatha yoga, gymnastic strength training, meditation, subtle body awareness, yin yoga and embodied mindfulness to drop you deep into the resources of your body. With a background in structural integration, Adam offers nuanced alignment cues to help you develop ease and …

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Phra Ajan Jerapunyo Abbot Of Watkungtaphao.

Three dimensional breathing

To begin, sit or lie down somewhere comfortable, making sure you are warm. Make a soft aspirant sound, breathing through your nose, as if whispering but with the mouth shut. The sound of your breathing will help you stay focused on it, and keep the mind returning to the actual sensation of the breath.  Relax the roof of your mouth …

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