About Adam


Adam conducts his rolfing services in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

Adam has been practicing bodywork professionally since 2003, and trained at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in 2009. He is a longtime student of meditation, psychology, yoga, philosophy, a professional musician, and a  yoga instructor.

Adam lived for a summer in a monastery in Tibet studying and practicing meditation and philosophy with his meditation teacher Khentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche in 2006, and continues to practice in retreat settings locally for a month each year.  He studied psychology and transpersonal psychology at the University of Oregon, PSU, and currently at the Ridhwan school of the Diamond Approach.  Adam completed his yoga teacher training with the wonderful alignment based yoga teacher, Alison Alstrom.  He has studied Pranayama with Richard Freeman, as well as  Continuum Movement with Bonnie Simoa and Emily Conrad.  He has completed the Rolf Movement Integration training, and is certified in Rolf Movement Integration.  He is currently practicing Yoga, Qigong, Fascial Fitness, and gymnastic strength training exercises, as well as teaching Embodiment Training to individuals and groups.

He currently teaches the Anatomy and Meditation segments of the yoga teacher training with the Zenality school of yoga http://www.zenalityyoga.com.

I would like to see the day where basic psychological health is taught and embodied as a culture and not just as specialists. The same goes for basic physical health, with the insights of Rolfing and other embodiment disciplines being spread into the culture at large.