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Awakening the body, heart, and mind.

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Let the immense earth carry the weight of your body.

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Serving Portland and Eugene since 2004.

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Awakening the body, heart, and mind through Rolfing Structural Integration, Yoga, Meditation, and Inquiry with Adam Persinger

Rolfing Structural Integration is a holistic approach to bringing the entire body into greater ease and alignment with gravity.  There are lines and patterns of stress and strain that run through the structure of the body.  These patterns as well as the shape of the body are held by the connective tissue matrix (fascia).  It is within this matrix that the Rolfer works, like a tailor, fine tuning the human suit.  Going through and working with each joint and angle of the body to release tension so that the weight of the body can transmit and drop all the way through to the ground, rather than get caught at joints (knees, low back…).

This is different from most methods of bodywork, because the Rolfer understands that any injury or incident to one part of the body is spread into the whole body matrix, often creating postural deviations.  Thus to find a more lasting change and relief from the pain/pattern, the whole body must be addressed.  For this reason, the 10 series was developed, to bit by bit bring a higher level of organization and flow into the body system.